Here is the next upgrade of the Internet which is Metaverse. You may come across this word several times a day since it is quite the buzz right now. If you can’t understand why metaverse is a game-changing innovation, this place is for you.

What is Metaverse?

By definition, the metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds. It includes the concept of both augmented reality as well as virtual reality. Accessing this world is possible with a virtual reality headset and users can navigate around using their eye movements.

Stimulation is an important aspect of the metaverse as it generates the physical sensation of being present there. Users can create their avatars and interact with others and even manipulate the environment.

In simple words, imagine you are on your couch and you can still shop, move around and interact with people through the virtual world.

How is the metaverse different from the internet?

While users can communicate, shop and interact with different websites on the Internet, it is common to get confused with the metaverse. Understand that metaverse is a subset of the internet and it builds on this concept.

Technologies like AR and VR allow mimicking the reality of the physical world. While the Internet only allows users to browse through various sites, the metaverse expands the possibility of living in this world. After Facebook changed its name to Meta, the word metaverse became a household term.

How long till you experience the metaverse?

Metaverse is a solid concept but will take some time to execute. The idea of a virtual world gets real with each passing day but experiencing lifelike interactions is still far away. VR goggles are still a luxury for most people and their presence in every household is a necessity to open the doors of the metaverse.

Experts predict that in just two to three years, there will be exponential growth in this field. Metaverse is much more than a gaming concept. It will allow meetings to happen in real time and avatars can attend concerts and shop around.

Final Words

How the metaverse is going to look, and function and how users enter in it is still a big mystery. We have yet to see whether big companies will rule the metaverse or if it will be an open gate for everyone.

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